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Kyle Scribner
Born in United States
22 years
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I have tried to think of many things to say to describe my brother.. He is one of the strongest kindest most loving people I have ever know. He was an amazing human being. He loved to laugh and have fun. He loved his family and friends. He loved his job. He loved life. He fought so hard to live and everyone was just in complete a total awe at how this young man could be faced with such a life changing event that was so unfair. How he could keep a smile on his face and never complain about the pain he was in. That his biggest concern was for the rest of us around him.. I have tried to think of a way to capture his personality but I think the best way to do that is to use Kyle's own words which I have borrowed from his facebook. ~~Kyle:~~ I never know what to write... I always feel conceited no matter what I put. I will admit that I am a little conceited, but I try not to let it show. I consider myself a good person,I always try to do whats right. I like to make people laugh, and I have a somewhat strange sense of humor. My friends are very important to me, and I spend a lot of time with them. I love the stars, they fill me with wonder. Sunrises are alright, sunsets are amazing. I like to be out at night, especially at the beach with my friends, or driving around just having a good time.

Latest Memories
Samantha Conklin The Greatest Thing March 12, 2012
Not a day goes by that I don't think of you, and what we had together. I learned so much from having you in my life, as lover and friend. You were the first person I ever truely loved. I still cry when I hear our song, when I look at pictures of us together, when I watch movies that we watched, songs we danced many things remind me of you. "The greatest thing you'll ever learn, is just to love and be loved in return." That is a quote that will forever be in my heart, you know why, and I will wear it proudly on my skin for the rest of my life. From our relationship I learned that this is the true meaning of life, and I hope some day I will be able to see you again, and tell you how much I've missed you, and missed your love. I couldn't go to your funeral for mourning you was not something I was ready to believe, or do, so, two years later, I stumbled upon your memorial page and felt I needed to leave my words with you. I've loved you since the day I met you, and I always will, Monkey-boo. 
Growing up often going to Kyle's house on Wentworth St. as a friend of Alisha's, I remember seeing Kyle watch TV or play video games. He always seemed so mysterious to me. Always so quiet probably because our crazy middle school girl group drove him nuts! All of us always said hi, and his quiet hello in return often made me want to sit and talk with him more. I wish I had done so. To hear all of the things everyone has said about him, really makes me wish I had been able to get to know him beyond the video games and television shows I saw him enjoy when we were younger. When I went out with Alisha after I found out he was sick and we went to Deena's to say hi, I wanted to so much to give him a hug and tell him I hoped he was ok and that he got better soon. I regret that simple hello I told him that night. The same hello I always said when I was in middle school. Instead I wish I had sat next to him and found out myself who Kyle really was.
Oh my baby brother, I can't believe it has been eight weeks.. There have been eight of every day since you have been gone. It does not seem possible. I think of you always and often.. I think of that day in the hospital room when you told Mom, Aunt Alice, and me that you loved us.. I love you.. I love you.. I love you.. So so very much.. I miss you more than I can say.. I hurt everyday and wonder when this joke will be over.. That's what this has to be you know.. This cannot be reality.. I cannot be living my life without you.. I remember last summer just after my birthday you and I went out to dinner at Jimmy the Greeks.. It was so much fun. Just you and I able to talk. You were still healthy.. We were all in good places with our lives. We had dinner and drinks. It was the first time we had ever done that. We did it once more when you were sick. When we went to the movies.. I am so very sorry that we didn't get to have more dinners together and see more movies.. I miss you Kyle.. I miss you so much it hurts.. I hurt all day everyday.. I just do not know what to do without you.. My very core has been upset by losing you.. There is a gaping hole in my life and I do not know how to fix it. The doctors say it is "grieving" and it will get better.. I just don't see how it can.. So much was taken away from us and I still do not understand how or why.. Please just know I am happy you are not in pain anymore. I am so thankful for that. And remember I love you.. I love you so very much..
I didn't know Kyle very well, but we became friends few months before his passing.
He truly was a very amazing, and very strong, if not the strongest individual I have ever encountered in my life.

I won't ever forget the day he told me that he had cancer,
And how it made me want to become a bigger part of his life, and How much it intensified my wanting to be there for him.

We love you Kyle.
Kathy Segien-LePage

I remember Kyle as a little boy in the Eastport 4th of July Parade w/his cousin Yates and Victoria and having such a good time at his Aunt Jenn's out at the Farm. And how he loved my mom Inie. I will always remember saying my wedding vows on Aug 6th, 1994 and looking over at the pond and seeing Kyle and Yates picking on the frogs on the dock, and I couldnt help but giggle even more than I already was..He always kept himself busy no matter what, and always volunteered at my Moms to help her out with anything... Rest in Peace Kyle, I will never forget u, and someday they will hopefully find a dreaded cure for the darn big "C".. All my love, Kathy and Family xoxoxox

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